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The retreat house has five permanent bedrooms, four of which at a time are open to residency attendees, and the option for weekend retreat rentals to add two bedrooms using the sliding wall in the library and have additional participants bunk in the pub.

If you are doing a private retreat rental, please let us know no less than one week in advance of your event your preferred bed set-up.

Lower Level

Three bedrooms available, to the right of the floor plan,* each with a permanently installed bed that cannot be removed by us in advance of your event and should not be moved by participants.

In the bedrooms on the far right, the main bed is a queen, and the bedroom on the upper right, the main bed is a full. An additional twin may be added in one room and two twins in another.

In the pub, on the far left, there is a permanent couch that folds out into a full-size bed and the option to add additional twin beds or queen-size inflatable mattresses (two available).

Upper Level

On the upper level, there are two primary bedrooms, the ensuite master on the far right with a king-size bed, and another on the bottom right with a permanent queen-size bed and the option to add a twin. Up to three additional twins can be added to the master suite.

The library, on the upper right, has a retractable wooden wall, allow the room to be used as one bedroom and a smaller library or two bedrooms as needed. The smaller side of the library, on the left, can accommodate two twin beds, and the larger side, on the right, can accommodate three twins.

Total Available Bedding Options


  • small room with full-sized bed, not possible to add twin (1-2; I’d say couples or close friends only for doubling up here)
  • large room with queen and possibility of two twins, though one is a better in this room (2-4)
  • large room with possibility for two twins (3-4)
  • pub with futon couch with full-sized mattress and possibility for twin beds on frames or full air mattresses if needed, though not typically used as this is usually the late night gathering spot (up to 10 if needed)


  • smaller bedroom with queen bed and possibly of twin (2-3)
  • library which can be sectioned into two bedrooms with two twins on one side and three twins on the other side; can keep one as public space and other as bedroom as needed (1-5)
  • master bedroom with its own bathroom with king bed and possibility for three twins (2-5)

*Please note that floor plans are not to scale from architectural drawings and provided for the purpose of illustrating bed locations.