Farm-to-Table Food for the Mind

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Whether you are visiting us for a weekend retreat or a week-long residency, you have the opportunity to take in farm-to-table food that has either traveled just 20 feet or no more than 20 miles to reach your plate.

In the summer, we grow vegetables, grains, berries, edible flowers, and other goodies on our on-site farm. (You can read more about exactly what we produce, and, if you’re in the New York area, how to take it home with you, on our CSA page.) But not matter what time of year you’re joining us, you’ll get to enjoy produce from our and other local farms, from fruits and vegetables to eggs, honey, maple syrup, milk, preserves, pickles, and pies.

If you are joining us for a residency and opt-to have your food prepared for your stay so you can concentrate on the business of getting your business done, we’ll work with you to develop a menu around your preferences, incorporating international recipes to spice things up, from the cooking traditions around the globe, as well as nutritional best practices for clear-headedness and long-term health, based on Gabi’s plant-based nutrition certificate training through Cornell.

For weekend retreat attendees, we offer the following menu options, subject to availability and seasonality. Please review these options, prepare a list of potential choices, and review them with Gabi.


  • pancake bar (buckwheat, gluten-free, and other non-standard options with housemade preserves and local maple syrup and honey)
  • waffle bar (buckwheat, gluten-free, and other non-standard options with housemade preserves and local maple syrup and honey)
  • freshly made breads with housemade preserves and gourmet egg selections
  • freshly made breakfast pastries with gourmet egg selections
  • Scandanavian spread with pumpernickel and rye breads, cured salmon and locally smoked trout
  • Ableskiver bar with freshly made filled Scandanavian pancake balls with sweet and savory fillings
  • Israeli breakfast bread with vegetables from the garden, hard boiled eggs, tahini, flatbread (summer only)
  • Indian idli bar with steamed rice and lentil dumplings and traditional tomato and vegetable soup
  • Quiche with garden vegetables


  • Carrot ginger soup** with freshly baked brown bread
  • Cauliflower** soup with Nordic cheese bread
  • Vichyssoise** (potato and leek) with fresh whole wheat bread
  • Quiche* with fresh herb salad (summer only)
  • Falafel bar**
  • Grill bar with local burgers and sausages (summer only)
  • Gazpacho picnic** with Spanish tapas (summer only)
  • Gourmet pizza bar**
  • Taco bar**
  • Grilled quesadillas** (summer only)
  • Italian picnic* with frittata, panzanella, and other salads (summer only)
  • Balinese skewers and salads (summer only)


  • Meze spread with housemade red lentil falafel and pita and assorted dips and salads
  • Greek spread with kebabs and assorted dips and salads
  • North African spread with vegetable cous cous and assorted dips and salads
  • Spanish tapas spread
  • Seasonal pasta
  • Thai or Balinese curry with white or brown rice
  • Indian idli samber with steamed rice and lentil dumplings and traditional tomato and vegetable soup
  • Indian spread of vegetarian cuisine from Maharastra with soup, curried vegetables and lentils served with brown or write rice or fresh flatbreads
  • South Indian rice bar with lentil rice, tomato rice, and yogurt rice with Indian pickles

Guide to food options:

  • **vegan or can be
  • *vegetarian or can be

For weekend retreats, you have the option to have food prepared in advance for your attendees but tend to the service and clean-up yourself for $25/attendee/day or to have food prepared during the course of your retreat and served by our team for $40/attendee/day. This includes three hot meals and two snacks per day, typically beginning with dinner on the arrival day and ending with lunch on the departure day. One bedroom will need to be reserved for our team in the second case.

Outside groups renting the retreat center are not able to cook in the space, due to the age and uniqueness of the cooking arrangements. If you would prefer to provide your own food or bring in delivery, please note that food cannot be stored in guest rooms (due to the potential to attract insects) and that a half-size fridge in the kitchen is allotted for this purpose, but the main fridge and freezer cannot be used to store outside food.